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The Old Tennessee Rock Shop { A Flint Knapper's Paradise }





The above points are some of my work.
This is me in my natural habitat, eating...

Hello, My name is Robert Metcalf, please feel free to browse around my site. I hope you find everything in order. Have fun!

Welcome to my online website. You will have a choice of some of Tennessee's finest rock specimens. As you browse the page please feel free to take notes and tell me how to improve the site for your ease of shopping and choosing the stone for your individual needs. I am here to serve you in the most professional manner. I deal mainly in poundage purchased. I sometimes aquire some very large Horse Creek Nodules 6 - 12 inch for $12.00 a pound which is first come first serve. These are the first to go. Email me for availabilty of what you are looking for.

This is my information page to guide you through what you would expect to recieve in one of my flint orders. It keeps you updated on the quanity of stone I have in case you wanted me to put on a particular auction taylored for your needs.
No sales are conducted out of Ebay except for my Knapp In and personal meetings.
These are the prices you will expect to pay on Ebay!
Please look for my auctions under Flint Knapping
metcalf1 is my ID there.
I sell different types of postal boxes from 17 to 30 pound
at a time from 10 - 14 dollars per box, priority shipping.
My Prices Per Pound Plus Shipping:

UPDATED May 15th 2008
$ 1.50-Common Fort Payne and Buffalo River UNCOOKED.
          { 100 Pounds in Stock }
$ 2.00-Common Fort Payne and Buffalo River COOKED
          { 100 Pounds in Stock } 
$ 2.50-For The Bulls Eye Buffalo River UNCOOKED
          { $3.00 Per inch Slabs Cooked in stock,75 inches left }
$ 2.00-For Dover Flint ready to knapp, Best Quality
          { 80 Pounds in Stock }
$ 5.00-For that Slick Dark Buffalo River, Super Great
          { I have 4 NODULES 20 pounds each } ALL SOLD!
$ 6.00-For Fist Size Horse Creek Chert { First Come, First Serve }
          { OUT }
I sell points made from the common flints for $7.00 per inch, most point types.
The points like the first one pictured is made from Indiana Blood Stone and brought $14.00 per inch at auction. I ask $10.00 per inch on colorful stone. My Horse Creek points are $15.00 per inch as available.
All of the flint I sell is first quality and I will gaurantee at least 80% to work or I will replace it, all you do is pay shipping. I promise to sell you stone that I would knapp, I will never sell you scraps. I give my good debatage away, you have to come and get it though. { You have to beat Claudie though, and he's fast! } Look at my Ebay feedback. Search metcalf1 for my feedback. I am a professional at what I do. Buy with confidence. I DO NOT SELL GRAVEL. One order from me and you will come back for more.
$45.00 for a pre-packed flate rate priority mail box variaty of some of the above flints of different sizes.
Shipping is $10.00 per box, shipped Priority Mail with confirmation.
My Slabs run $2.00 to $5.00 per inch depending on width and thickness.
My Pre-Shaped Slabs run from $2.00 to $5.00 per inch, depending on rareness.
I have very few of what I call premium colored slabed stones from all over the world at premium prices. These slabs are my personal picks. Email me your needs.
I have Several Videos:  "Using Indirect Percussion" 
                                   {Temporarly Out} 
                                  "Paddle Knotching Deep Ears"
                                   {Temporarly Out}
                                  "Working Preformed Slabs Easily"
                                   {Temporarly Out}
Videos are $20.00 Each + $2.00 S/H
Each are about one hour DVD's, I can put them on VHS if you need them for the same price with $4.00 more for postage. It costs more to mail a VHS.
I have a Beginer's Tool Kit for $  30.00  
I have a Master's Tool Kit for  $120.00
I also custom make kits.
Email Me for information on what each kit includes.
I accept PayPal payments. I accept checks, cash and M.O.'s. Use the link below to contact me before you pay first, to make sure what you need is available and to get my home address and phone number. Some of my items are made to order and some I don't have on hand at the time. I go out and collect the Tennessee flints like our fore fathers. It has to rain to bring in new flints. If I sell out before the rains, there's no more for sell till the rain comes back.

Pay me safetly through Pay Pal, click here...

My Hobbies

Flint Knapping and traveling around Tennessee looking for the best material to knapp, trade and sell. All my materials are collected legaly and with permission from land owners.

Inspirational People For Me In The Knapping World:





Ima just saw the heck out of this baby, nice huh?

Hey, this don't look to bad huh? Lotsa Blades!!!

I have lots of flint and get more every week.



What can we do with 6 pounds of flint? Lets see..



This flint is uncooked, works even better cooked.

Got alot of spalls and 4 preforms out of 6 pounds!
It works like this or I personally like it heated.

Favorite Links Search for my auctions { metcalf1 }

Knapp In's For 2008 and Contact Information

Use the link below to get in contact with me. We can talk by phone also.

Link to my email address, click here!